INK Entertainment



Successfully launching a high-capacity club in Toronto

Current market problem

Nightclub parties always look the same, there is little distinction apart from DJs

Nobrainer Impact

Create an interactive experiential nightclub based on current festival concepts and success


8,000 people attended the opening night. The first 20 theme nights were sold out within 6 months of the opening

Understanding the need for industry renewal…

  • Nightclubs are nowadays impersonal and without any real distinctive concept
  • Consumers are quickly getting tired of the new nightclubs

…to develop an ever-changing concept…

  • A concept that combines music, performance, and dance
  • The nightclub and the show re-invent themselves with each new theme
  • An experience where the client feels part of a live show that blends with the crowd

…where perfection is in the detail…

  • Visual and promotional packaging design
  • Artist selection
  • Creation of different themes

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