2015 to present


Communicate internally about the benefits of the IPO and CN’s 20th anniversary

Current market problem

Corporate communication is generally poorly followed by employees because of its cold and impersonal nature

Nobrainer Impact

Create a playful communication: creation of a game to measure employees’ understanding of the benefits of the IPO, but also their sense of belonging to CN


95% of employees received the gift at the end of the game after answering all 20 questions correctly. 33,000 users on the website for 24,000 employees

Meeting the client’s objectives…

  • Create a tool to promote awareness of IPO issues and CN’s history
  • Develop employees’ sense of belonging to the company

…with an educational game used for the masses…

  • Adaptation of a playful and colourful universe throughout the network (events, flyers…)
  • Use of gamification to ensure maximum employee engagement

…while developing a strong HR tool…

  • Test employees’ level of knowledge of CN’s culture and values
  • Identify which employees are the most committed to the company

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